Anna Mitchell

Piano Instructor

Anna had her first music lesson in 2011, at the age of eight, when she started taking classical voice. It was around the same time that she became interested in learning to play the piano, so she started teaching herself to read music using method books. She later had her first piano lesson in 2015, and it was soon after this that she started to consider one day teaching music.

Currently studying level 9 piano and level 10 classical voice, Anna has also completed her level 9 harmony and music history exams. She has also completed the Teaching Elementary Piano course offered by the Royal Conservatory of Music. It is through this course that she has studied the pedagogical practices required to successfully teach piano at the elementary level. Anna would also like to complete her ARCT for piano and classical voice and is an aspiring voice teacher.

Anna loves working with children and is currently welcoming beginner piano students ages 6 and up. She believes that music should be taught in a student-oriented way, with her teaching methods and style adjusted for the needs of each student.

When she is not studying music, Anna is off performing at music festivals, concerts, and the occasional coffee house with her ukulele. You can also find her reading, hiking, painting, gardening, and tending to her houseplants.

Anna can be reached at