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Bursary Information

Bursaries are available to students who can demonstrate a financial need - including COVID19-related financial impact - and provide a support letter from a teacher or community member with their application. 

Applicants may be new OR returning students of the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.


Student must pay a $15 membership fee and have a lesson time established with a teacher. The $15 membership is refundable should the student be unable to attend lessons.


Students may apply for financial assistance to help offset the cost of tuition for private lessons OR group classes.


The Academy will reduce or discontinue the bursary if a student withdraws from lessons or enrolls for less tuition than originally indicated on the application for assistance. These adjustments will be made as necessary.


Applicants are evaluated based on:

  • Submitting a complete application.

  • Commitment to their chosen area of study.

  • Financial need.

  • Personal objectives.

  • Nature and length of proposed program of study.

  • Application letter.

  • Letters of support.

In cases where a student has a change of financial situation after the deadline to apply for a bursary, an application may be submitted on the recommendation of the teacher. It is not guaranteed that funds will be available.

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