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Carole Fitsell

Oboe, Recorder & Early Childhood Music Instructor

Carole Fitsell obtained her bachelor’s degree in Music Education in England. Upon completion, she then began a career of teaching and playing oboe semi-professionally.

Carole has a very strong background in early childhood education, having completed training for music in the early years at Trinity College, London, taken the Music Together course in Vancouver and completed several ECE courses. She has taught various aspects of music, including coaching wind groups, recorder ensembles, one on one lessons and music for the early years. She has done this both in the UK and in Canada.

As an oboist (and English Horn player), Carole’s performances have varied. She has played for many performances including “Gilbert and Sullivan,” “Chess,” operas and oratorios, been in orchestras, performed concertos and been a member of different chamber music groups, covering a vast repertoire. Carole resumed playing again last year, after a break and, among other things, recently formed a wind quintet known as “Valley Winds” with other proficient players. She has also performed in recorder ensembles in the UK and plays recorder with local musicians in the South Okanagan.

Music is an art and creativity is an outlet which all children, no matter what their background, should have an opportunity to experience. Carole believes by connecting to our natural pulse and innate rhythms and reaping the many benefits that music and the arts have to offer, children will receive an incredible start to their lives and she feels privileged to be a facilitator in that process.

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER until you have spoken with your instructor and arranged a mutually convenient schedule. Booking your lesson without speaking to the instructor first does not reserve your spot. Carole can be reached at

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