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Tavis Weir

Guitar Instructor

Tavis Weir has taught guitar for the past ten years. His first priority is to share his love of music and inspire students.  He is passionate about showing students that music is easy and fun!

Tavis has been playing guitar since he was a kid and discovered an interest in songwriting and recording while taking his Bachelor of Music (jazz guitar major) at the University of Toronto.

In his online lessons (via Zoom), Tavis will pass along what he has learned in an informal relaxed setting.

Lessons with Tavis explore all styles of music through listening, improvising, reading notation, and finding your own sound and interests on your instrument.  The road to musical awesomeness is an exciting and bumpy ride, so fasten your guitar straps and lets go!

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER until you have spoken with your instructor and arranged a mutually convenient schedule. Booking your lesson without speaking to the instructor first does not reserve your spot. Tavis can be reached at

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