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A Night of Magic: PAMDA Violin Students Shine at Lucas Penner's CD Launch

Updated: Jan 31

In the world of music, there are moments that transcend the ordinary, and for two of our advanced violin students, Jacob McNamee and Sabine Teo, such a magical opportunity recently unfolded. The duo had the extraordinary chance to perform alongside local musician Lucas Penner at the launch of his latest CD at the Dream Cafe.

Left to Right: Phil D'Oust, Lucas Penner, Fahlon Palm, Jacob McNamee, and Sabine Teo

The magic of the evening was beautifully captured in a heartfelt note from Jacob's mom, Ala Frasinski, who wrote, "It really did turn out to be a Dream Gig! Such a wonderful, special night for all, and what an incredible experience for our young musicians, Jacob and Sabine. They conducted themselves like total pros, had an absolute blast, and both said they would do it again in a heartbeat!"

The positive impact of this unique opportunity extended beyond the stage. Jacob and Sabine received warm feedback from the audience, a testament to their remarkable talent and dedication.

Thanks, Lucas, for inviting our students to join you. The experience not only showcased Sabine and Jacob's exceptional musical abilities, but also highlighted the transformative power of mentorship and collaboration in the world of music.

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