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Message from PAMDA President

Message from Sam McNally and his Alphorn

Season’s greetings,

It is my distinct privilege to be writing to you as the newly elected president of the board for the Penticton Academy of Music Society. Since first joining PAMDA in 2019, it has been so exciting to see the growth and resilience of this amazing organization. First and foremost, I must extend my sincere gratitude to our Executive Director Catherine Jones and out-going President Nancy Wyse for their diligent work and leadership. PAMDA is flourishing ––the halls are awash with music, community is growing amongst our students, and new partnerships are being built across the city. It is clear that in times of uncertainty, organizations like PAMDA have a crucial role to play. At the heart of this organization is our incredible students and the work they are achieving with their teachers. Long before I served on boards or became a teacher myself, I was a music student much like many of those who come to Leir House each and every week. Practicing etudes, learning repertoire, and refining technique is all well and good, but the reality is much more than that. The skills developed by studying music will serve our students on whichever paths they take.

It is my own belief that to be a musician is the birthright of each of us, should we so desire. Each time we make music, we’re continuing a tradition hundreds-of-thousands of years in the making. In keeping with that, PAMDA’s bursary program ensures that a person’s financial situation is not a barrier to music education and is supported by the generosity of our community by way of donations and fundraising initiatives. This year has seen record-breaking registrations at PAMDA, and along with that has come unprecedented demand on the bursary. I’ve seen first-hand the effect that this program has on our students and their families and is an amazing way to give back to our community.

I’m very much looking forward to continuing and building upon the great work PAMDA is doing over the next year. I sincerely hope that this season of kinship and celebration is kind to each and every one of you.

All the best,

Sam McNally

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