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"A Musical Solstice": An Inspiring Year-End Concert

The Community Hall at Okanagan College came alive last night (June 21) with the captivating performances of our string orchestra at the "A Musical Solstice" year-end concert.

Conductor Kelsey Zachary and the Penticton Academy of Music String Orchestra

Led by Director Kelsey Zachary, the concert featured a diverse repertoire, including notable pieces such as Serenade for Strings, 1st Mvt. by P.I. Tchaikovsky, Impromptu Op. 5 by J. Sibelius, and Molly on the Shore by P. Grainger.

These carefully selected pieces showcased the orchestra's talent and dedication to their craft, and their ability to navigate intricate arrangements.

The concert also featured captivating ensemble pieces that exemplified the orchestra's unity and remarkable collaboration.

Thank you to all who came and supported the orchestra and also our bursary fund with your donations. You were very generous!

Heartfelt congratulations to Director Kelsey Zachary, the musicians of our string orchestra, and everyone involved in making "A Musical Solstice" a success. We look forward to more beautiful performances and the continued growth of our exceptional string orchestra next year!

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