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Can't Find Your People? Maybe You Belong in the OSYO

The Okanagan Symphony Youth Orchestra (OSYO) is gearing up for auditions for the 2024-2025 (36th season) of the orchestra.

This year, the age range of the OSYO has expanded to include college-age students as well, an excellent opportunity for musicians studying at a local post-secondary school or taking a gap year.

The audition panel will consist of one musician and the OSYO conductor, Zeena Zaiyouna.

Sign up on the website for one of two audition dates of Monday, May 20, 2024 or Friday, May 24, 2024 at the Kelowna Community Music School.

String and wind players should be at an RCM 6/7 level and students should prepare an audition that features:

  • 2 contrasting pieces 

  • 2 scales of your choice

  • And a sight reading excerpt (at the time of audition)

The OSYO is a great opportunity to grow as a musician and expand your music potential. If you've been looking to for your people, maybe you'll find them at the OSYO!

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