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Empowering Our Community Through Music

At PAMDA, we believe that music is a vital part of our community’s health and a universal right. Whether it's parents eager to give their children a cognitive head start, seniors looking to connect with like-minded individuals, or youth seeking a creative outlet, music lessons offer invaluable benefits. Music teaches us focus, problem-solving skills, and brings the profound joy of creating beautiful sounds.

The Importance of Our Bursary Program

Our bursary and scholarship program is a cornerstone of our mission to make music education accessible to everyone. This year, thanks to the generous support of donors like the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan, 100 Women Who Care, Jean & Shelly Personal Real Estate Corporation, and numerous individual contributors, we provided nearly $15,000 in financial assistance to 17 students. These funds enabled students of all ages and backgrounds to participate in private lessons, group classes, our community orchestra, and various performance opportunities.

Who We Helped

Our bursary recipients came from diverse backgrounds and faced unique challenges:

  • Children from families affected by economic downturns.

  • Newcomers from war-torn regions like Ukraine.

  • Individuals facing mental and physical health challenges.

  • Seniors and young adults seeking personal fulfillment through music.

Here’s a breakdown of the lessons and programs funded:

  • Piano Lessons: Ages 7, 13

  • String Orchestra: Seniors (2)

  • Cello Lessons: Age 11, Senior

  • Voice Lessons: Ages 6, 10, 12 (2)

  • Violin Lessons: Ages 11, 17, 29

  • Guitar Lessons: Ages 10, 12

  • Songwriting Camp: Ages 12, 15 

Total Funded: $14,807.61

Testimonials from Our Students

"Watching countless musical videos and singing along with them has been her favorite pastime and we believe that enrolling her in your school would help turn her dream into a reality."

- Family recently relocated from Ukraine

"When I practiced, it all faded away... learning is the enjoyment."

- Young adult violin student

"Playing the cello is a great joy in my life and I really want to continue learning this beautiful instrument."

- Senior cello student

"Singing helps me build confidence. I enjoy singing in different languages."

- Young voice student

The Broader Impact

The support from our donors goes beyond individual students. By making music education accessible, we enrich our community culturally and socially. Music contributes to unity and shared joy, creating a more connected and vibrant community.

Let's Make This Happen Again

As we prepare for the upcoming academic year starting in September, we invite you to help us rebuild our bursary fund. Your contributions ensure that more students can experience the transformative power of music, regardless of their financial circumstances. Together, we can continue to create a harmonious community where everyone has the opportunity to make music.

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