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Thank You, Volunteers!

In every nonprofit organization, there are unsung heroes working behind the scenes, making things happen, and we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

Smiling woman and adding machine with a stack of receipts
Dale King and her hardworking adding machine

Tallying Nature’s Fare Receipts

Our Nature's Fare fundraising program wouldn't be as efficient without our diligent volunteer Dale King, who meticulously tallies all those receipts you stuff into the donation box. We so appreciate her attention to detail.

A man hangs up a notice board on a wall
Jim Minshull sets up notice board

Setting Up the Music Classroom

A huge thank you to Jim Minshull who helped set up our Smart Start classroom to ensure that instructor Marlene has everything she needs to guide little ones on their musical journey.

A woman stands beside books on shelves
Monika Jones and our organized library

Organizing Our Music Library

A well-organized music library is a treasure trove for our faculty. Thank you to Monika Jones, who tirelessly sorted and categorized our music library to make it a valuable resource for everyone.

People stand behind man seated with guitar
John McGladdery and singalong team

Leading Our Drop-In Music Program

John McGladdery, Bob Park, Lloyd Westby, and Steve Jones are the volunteers who, since last December, have led our drop-in music program for people living with dementia. These volunteers are truly special. They’ve been bringing the joy of music to those who need it most, and their presence has been a source of comfort and happiness. And a very special shout-out to John McGladdery, who created and maintains the songbook, and has participated in 90% of the sessions.

A Big Thank You

To our dedicated volunteers, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your efforts enhance the quality of our programs and the lives of our students and the community we serve.

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