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Selina Martin

Songwriting Bootcamp for Adults

Meticulous, curious and ambitious, Selina Martin’s music consistently defies convention. Time Spent Swimming, her 5th solo studio album, fuses organic instrumentation, samples, field recordings, physical synths as well as plug-ins plus vocal improvisation in a buoyant expansion of genres that could be described as electro-post-rock, or singer-songwriter art-pop. It doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before, yet there are hooks in almost every song.

“I believe in the interconnectivity of all things. It feels very natural to collide and combine elements”. she says. “I also believe you have to take risks in order to make art. You have to search your surroundings and your psyche, you have to think and feel deeply while you are searching, and you have to make mistakes, otherwise there is no growth.”

A mostly self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer, Martin has released five full-length studio recordings and has co-produced and performed on many others. She has toured her music across Canada, the US, the UK and through 12 countries in Europe.

Her albums consistently make ‘best of the year’ lists amongst critics / music writers, who have described her music as "intelligent", "vivid", "brave", “five stars”, "masterful", "reckless", "must-hear", "genius," "beautiful," "provocative," "unique," "remarkable," "profound," “brilliant”, “superb” and compare it to Bjork, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and St Vincent. Time Spent Swimming is a tangible representation of Martin’s view of art as necessarily evolutionary, inspirational, and inclusive.

Time Spent Swimming has received overwhelming critical acclaim in North America and

Europe, and it debuted at #1 on the NACC charts in the USA.

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Selina Martin
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