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Tereza Tomek

Youth Songwriting Spring Camp

Tereza Tomek is a Vancouver Island based songwriter who draws inspiration from great stories both real and imagined.  She uses colourful characters, vivid imagery, and a good dose of humour to bring unique tales to life. Tereza has been on the road sharing her songs across Canada and beyond since 2011. Audiences can expect an interactive show of magical storytelling.


"Tomek, a born storyteller, writes West Coast bluegrass with songs themed around striking characters. Tereza sang in a plain, strong way that conveyed emotional honesty, and with wry humour, drew laughter from the audience, which also enjoyed singing along" - The Island Grapevine (Denman Island Commmunity Newspaper)

"Tomek's songs come from a mixture of science, reality, and folklore...mixing folk tradition with a love of nature, heart-stirring empathy and scientific vocabulary that comes from her university studies in biology"- HERE magazine, New Brunswick

"Other highlights include Tereza Tomek singing both heart warming and wrenching songs with a pet duck she was babysitting onstage at the beautiful small church The Tempest" -The Art of Artswells, CBC

Tereza Tomek
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