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5 Ways to Join PAMDA at Ignite the Arts Festival 2023

Ignite the Arts is a great 10-day celebration of art and culture in Penticton, which begins this Friday, March 24! There are two parts to the Festival - there's Community Week and the Festival Weekend. You can learn more about the venues, the performers, the workshops, and how to get Festival Passes here. At PAMDA, we're all very excited to be part of this and there are at least 5 ways you can join us:

1. This year there will TWO Parades for No Reason, with the first one kicking off Community Week! Join PAMDA at the orange (or red, according to some eyes) bridge by the Penticton Art Gallery at 5:00pm Friday, March 24th. Bring your family, your pets, your musical instruments (or at least the portable ones), and/or your costumes! 2. Join Yanti and PAMDA's Good Vibes Junior Singers in a SongCatching session at Sculpture Day on March 25 between 11am and 12:30pm in the parking lot of City Centre Health & Fitness at 247 Martin Street. 3. Sign up your teen or pre-teen for the Youth Songwriting Camp with Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek at the Dream Cafe, March 27 to March 31, 12-5pm.

4. Enjoy the diverse talent of our amazing faculty and friends at BLOOM, our benefit concert at 7pm on Tuesday, March 28 at the Cleland Theatre. Get your tickets here.

5. Welcome the new generation of music-makers at the Youth Songwriting Camp Concert at the Dream Cafe, from 11:30-1pm on April 1. (Part of the Festival Pass.)

There is so much going on around Penticton during the Festival. It's a very exciting time for our community and we hope to see you at some of the events!

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