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SOLD OUT! Please join us for PAMDA’s National Pi Day Fundraiser

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! Thank you so much for your support! We’re overwhelmed. We sold out of pies in less than a week. Thank you!

Just two weeks until 3/14.

We’re celebrating the mathematical constant of π (3.14) and aiming to raise some money to ensure that the Penticton Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts can be a constant, too!

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your support to help ensure that high-quality music and dramatic arts education is available to everyone in our community.

And we’re hoping we can entice you to support us with some lovely fresh, whole pies made by the wonderful people at Nautical Dog Cafe.

You can choose from blueberry, apple, or strawberry-rhubarb – baked or ready-to-bake – for only $15 each!

ORDER YOUR PIES NOW and pick-up your pre-ordered pies on Sunday, March 14, 2021 between 10am and 2pm at Nautical Dog Cafe at Skaha Marina, 3895 Lakeside Rd, Penticton, BC.

Share this fundraiser with your friends and family if you think PAMDA is the greatest thing since sliced pie!

Thanks for your support!

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