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Songwriting Bootcamp for Adults

Songwriting Bootcamp for Adults

March 27-29, 2024


Registration is now open for our Songwriting Bootcamp for Adults, an immersive musical journey for songwriters of all levels, designed to break old patterns and ignite your creative spark. Challenge yourself to write a song a day and boost your confidence as you establish the structure needed to achieve musical freedom.

Over three days of workshops, exercises, and coaching, you’ll gain insights into what makes your favourite songs truly great and learn how to wield these tools in your own compositions, overcoming self-imposed barriers along the way. This bootcamp isn't just about creating music; it's about understanding and processing your deepest feelings through the art of songwriting.

Recognizing that creativity is inherent in all of us, this bootcamp encourages you to trust your creative instincts, unlocking not only your own potential but also contributing to the collective potential of the community. You’ll collaborate with supportive songwriting partners, forming connections that enhance the creative process.

At the end of this enriching journey you’ll be invited to join the Songwriters Circle Festival performance during the Ignite the Arts Festival.

Treat yourself to a three-day adult music camp filled with inspiration, guided by acclaimed musicians Selina Martin and Don Kerr. Discover, celebrate, and share your musical passion with a community that understands the power of songwriting.

Musicians of all levels are welcome. Bring an unfinished song, poem, melody, or idea to work on the first day.


March 27, 28 & 29, 2024


Tuition: $260+reg fees (nonrefundable)


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