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Chantal Ethier

Theatre Arts

Chantal has been acting since she was a young girl and has wanted to be involved in theatre and film arts since she was three years old.

After taking drama classes throughout elementary school, Chantal was accepted into the drama programme at Canterbury High School for The Performing Arts in Ottawa, Ontario. She then continued her studies in Theatre at The University of Ottawa, where she graduated with a

B.A. with a Concentration in Theatre.

While pursuing film and television work in Vancouver, BC, Chantal produced and starred in plays, as well as short and feature independent films. She also produced acting workshops with the late great L.A. Acting Coach Joe Palese.

Chantal received a certificate for Teaching Meisner at the True Acting Institute in Florida with Larry Silverberg. She has also studied with the world-renowned Larry Moss.

Since coming to the Okanagan, Chantal has directed and acted in several productions throughout the Okanagan, winning a Best Director Award at The Ozone Theatre Festival.

The craft of acting has always been a passion and a calling for Chantal.

Chantal Ethier
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