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Daniel Cramer

Drums, Bass, Bass Ukulele

Daniel has been a life long musician, studying music in university, performing professionally from a young age, teaching music, and eventually producing records at his own record label. As a composer of electronic music, Daniel runs an educational YouTube channel and has become well known in Europe where he performs at festivals and has recorded several albums.

Daniel’s passion for teaching young people lead him to a career as a social worker, practicing on the Alberta Government’s Edmonton based High Risk Youth Unit. As a social worker, Daniel was privileged to be a part of the team that launched the International High Risk Youth Conference.

Previous vacations to BC helped Daniel pick the Okanagan as his future home and he was very happy to retire to Penticton in 2021. Upon retiring, Daniel was fortunate to join the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts as both a member of the board and a music teacher.

Daniel Cramer
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