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Kelsey Zachary

Violin, Viola, Piano

Kelsey began playing at age 7 and it didn't take long before she realized that her life wouldn't be complete without an instrument in her hands. Performing and teaching for more than 20 years, Kelsey studied music performance and composition at the University of British Columbia. Her teachers have included Jasper Wood, Andrew Dawes and Mary Sokol-Brown (violin), Stephen Chatman, Keith Hamel and Alfredo Santa Ana (composition).As a performer, Kelsey has been found performing with the Prince George Symphony, Vancouver Players and Singers, and the Sea to Sky Symphony.

In addition, she is an avid performer of contemporary music and music that fuses different cultures and genres together, having performed with artists and groups that include Veda Hille, Ali Ghamsari and the Legend of Zelda Symphony of Goddesses. Her compositions have been performed at the Sonic Boom Music Festival and by artists including Corey Hamm, Kathleen Allan, the Borealis String Quartet, and Musica Mundana.

As a teacher, Kelsey believes there is no age limit when it comes to learning new things, her students having ranged from as young as 3 to 90 years old! It is her firm belief that learning should be a positive experience that builds confidence and brings the student joy while also instilling a sense of accomplishment. Music should be fun, and with a little bit of hard work, the rewards can be great!

Kelsey teaches violin, viola, and fiddle. She offers Suzuki and RCM approaches for those looking to stick to a particular methodology, and works to find the right combination of both along with other supplemental material (i.e., fiddle, pop, ABCs of violin, etc.) to nurture each individual’s unique learning needs.

Kelsey Zachary
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