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Marlene Bartsch


Marlene is a distinguished music educator, musician, and music studio owner. Marlene has been teaching private piano lessons and group lessons, music theory and history, as well as voice and flute for over 40 years. The language of music has always been a part of her being, and it is a passion that she loves to impart to others.

Marlene began her studies at age four and has her music degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music, attended Azusa Pacific University in California on a music scholarship, and studied at Trinity Western University in British Columbia. In 1998 Marlene received further training and taught Music for Young Children for 8 years. In addition to teaching music, Marlene has conducted various ensembles and choirs, worked with music festivals, music galas, and charity events. As well Marlene has done accompaniment for other musicians and has been a guest speaker.

Over the years Marlene has taught and imparted her love of music. She has mentored many professional musicians and teachers (private music teachers and public music school teachers). Marlene customizes her teaching methods to address each student’s learning style. Her end goal is to have each student possess a heightened love for art and music, a great sense of accomplishment, and for each student to reach their full potential.

Marlene Bartsch
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