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Tessa Greyling


Tessa fell in love with the piano when she was 6 years old. She finished her piano exams through the Trinity College of Music (RCM Gr 10) at age 17 and participated in numerous festivals and competitions throughout her school years. Music was one of her main subjects in Grades 10-12, with piano as the primary instrument. She completed the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Teaching Elementary Piano course and is currently enrolled in the Teaching Intermediate Piano course.

Originally from South Africa, Tessa and her family moved to Canada in December 2019. After working for more than ten years as a Family Physician in South Africa, she now finds herself back in the music world.

She enjoys music in various forms and has played the recorder, percussion, guitar, and cello. She loves singing and has participated in various school and provincial choirs. Making music with others brings her great joy and she has accompanied voice students, strings instruments, as well as choirs.

Homeschooling her three children has taught her to adapt to each student’s unique design and learning style. She believes that teaching children how to play the piano is an investment in their whole person and that lessons should be joyful and life-giving.

Outside of teaching, you will find her either amongst family, driving kids around, walking her dog, cuddling their cat, immersed in a book, or outside gazing upon beauty.

Tessa Greyling
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