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Youth Songwriting Spring Camp

Youth Songwriting Spring Camp

March 25-29, 2024


Registration is now open for our 3rd Annual Youth Songwriting Spring Camp.


This course focuses on songwriting and performance, and is aimed at facilitating self-expression through music, song, and spoken word poetry, combining elements of musical theory, improvisation techniques, and lyric writing.

You'll also be introduced to learning how to record and produce your own songs using MIDI and digital audio workstations (DAW).

Joining musician leaders Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek this year is Kia Kadiri, a high energy hip hop artist and teacher. Kia will explain the history of hip hop and talk about it in the context of music theory and songwriting. If you want to rap, Kia can help. She’ll also bring a lot of instrumental beats for anyone who wants to write to those or to choreograph movements.

This program is suitable for complete beginners, as well as students with prior musical experience. 

Students will then perform their new songs at the first concert of the Ignite the Arts Festival weekend at the Dream Cafe on Saturday, March 30, 2024.

Corwin, Kia, and Tereza have developed and taught this incredible program for more than a dozen years and it has been life-changing for many of the young people who have had the chance to take part in it. 

Monday to Friday

March 25 to 29

12 to 5pm

Ages: 10 to 17

$225+reg fees (nonrefundable)


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