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Corwin and Tereza Are Back!

Last year, we ran a Youth Songwriting Camp during spring break as part of the Ignite the Arts Festival. And boy are we glad we did. Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek were big hits with our students, encouraging and taking them through the creative process.

Here are just some of the notes we received at the end of the week:

The kids’ performances last night were amazing and we were astounded by such a high level of talent! The encouragement from Corwin and Tereza was evident in every single performance. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed working with both Corwin and Tereza.

Dahlia has had an amazing time! She is very excited to show off her song and I am so excited to hear it! Thank you so much for giving her this experience

I wanted to say a huge thank you for organizing the youth songwriting spring camp. It was a huge success!

Oh my gosh what a great class that was ... I am so glad she got a chance to be in a group of kids that actually want to be there, love the same thing as her, are committed, encouraging and such a great teacher that guides them but let's then flourish on their own.. Seeing her on the stage, confident, cheering each other on, singing along with the other kids, so comfortable and successful was a highlight of my life.

After all of this wonderful feedback, of course we had to bring Corwin & Tereza back and we can't wait to see what everyone creates this time!

About the Camp

The weeklong camp focuses on both writing and performance aimed at facilitating self-expression through music, song, and spoken word poetry. Combining elements of musical theory, improvisation techniques, lyric writing, collaboration with peers, and working one-on-one with the instructors, students get an incredibly dynamic and transformational experience. This program is suitable for complete beginners, as well as students with prior musical experience. Corwin will record all the songs as part of the course and students will then perform their new songs at a special showcase concert at the Dream Cafe on Saturday, April 1. Having taught this course at IMA for over ten years, professional BC musician Corwin Fox has developed an incredible program that has been life-changing for many of the young people who have taken part. Monday to Friday March 27 to 31, 2023 Noon to 5:00 pm Ages: 12 to 17 Tuition $175 (plus registration fees) Location: TBA


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