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Our Bursary Program Needs Your Help

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

We know we’re preaching to the choir when we say that music has the power to transform lives, inspire creativity, and unite communities. However, the cost of music education can be a barrier for many in our community, especially in this economic climate.

At PAMDA, we’re committed to ensuring that financial circumstances never hinder someone’s ability to pursue music, and our bursary program plays a vital role in meeting that commitment.

Over the years, our bursary program has made a significant difference in the lives of seniors, children, and entire families, enabling them to study and play music. But the need for financial assistance is increasing. Here’s what the requests for assistance have looked like over the past five years:

2019: $5,495

2020: $8,748

2021: $10,355

2022: $8,215

2023: $13,208

Fortunately, to date, we have been able to fully fund each request we’ve received; however, this year, we are almost tapped out and the requests are still coming in. We need your help!

How You Can Help

Please Donate: Every donation to our bursary program counts, whether big or small. A tax receipt will be provided for every donation of over $25. Donations can be made by cheque or etransfer to (please indicate that you’re making a donation to the bursary program);

Spread the Word: Share our cause on social media with friends, family, and colleagues. Increased awareness can lead to more potential donors and support for our bursary program; and

Join the Fundraising Committee: Consider organizing or participating in fundraising events to help raise funds for our bursary program. Send a note to Catherine Jones at for more information.

Our bursary program is a cornerstone of PAMDA. Please help us ensure that financial constraints do not interfere with someone’s ability to access the life-changing benefits of music. Thank you so much for being a part of this important journey!

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