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Don't Miss a Beat this Summer

At PAMDA, we believe that music should be a part of every season, and the summer months are no exception. So we're put together some exciting programs to ensure that your summer is filled with the joy of music. From engaging summer camps to group guitar lessons and even private lessons, there's something for everyone to enjoy and discover or grow their musical talents. Here's what we've got planned:

Summer Camps for Almost All Ages:

  1. ArtBeat (Ages 8 and up): Let your kids unleash their creative spirits through our ArtBeat summer camp. Designed for children aged 8 and above, this camp combines music and visual arts. From composing original songs to creating artwork inspired by music, ArtBeat promises a fun and immersive experience where young minds can explore their musical and artistic talents.

  2. Broadway Bound Kids: If your kids have ever dreamed of taking the stage and shining under the spotlight, our Musical Theatre camp is the perfect opportunity for them. They'll discover the magic of musical storytelling as they delve into acting and singing. We have a camp for 8 -12 year olds and another for 13-16 year olds.

  3. Summer Strings Adult Music Camp: This three-day music camp is for adult violin, viola, and cello students looking to develop their skills.​ Instructors Sandra Wilmot, Olivia Walsh, and John Suderman will help students elevate their playing techniques while attending chamber music coaching sessions, masterclasses, and private lessons.

Group Guitar Lessons for All Ages:

  1. Group Guitar for Adult Musicians: This dynamic and engaging closed group class is designed specifically for Dave Barber’s current adult students. It's a great chance to connect with fellow guitar enthusiasts once a week and discover the joy of playing together in a supportive and enriching environment.

  2. Group Guitar for Young Musicians: Here's another closed group designed for Dave Barber's current younger musicians. Grab your guitar, bring your enthusiasm, and enjoy an unforgettable summer of making music together!

  3. Introduction to Guitar: This is a fantastic opportunity for beginners 10 and up to embark on a musical journey and learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar from Dave Barber. Whether you're a pre-teen, a teenager or an adult, this course is designed to provide you with the essential skills needed to strum a few tunes around the campfire in just four weeks!

Private Lessons:

Many of our wonderful faculty are taking some well-deserved time off over the summer months, but there are still a few instructors who are setting aside a day or two to offer private lessons. There's voice (Mia Harris), drumming (Daniel Cramer), and violin (Adora Wong and Kelsey Zachary).

See? There's no reason to take a break from music this summer. Instead, use this season to create your own summer soundtrack!

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