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Introducing Smart Start: A Transformative Music Program for Children Ages 0-4!

We are thrilled to unveil our latest program, Smart Start.

Developed by the music educators at The Royal Conservatory in collaboration with their Neuroscience Research Centre, Smart Start is a revolutionary music program tailored specifically for children aged 0 to 4 years.

What makes Smart Start so special?

Age-Targeted Weekly Classes: Our highly trained and certified Smart Start instructor Marlene Bartsch delivers engaging weekly classes designed to match the developmental stages of young children. With only 7 certified teachers in all of North America, we are proud to have one of them teaching with us!

Incredible Benefits: Studies show that early exposure to music and language can lead to improved language skills, IQ, and school readiness. Smart Start sets the stage for lifelong love of music and essential skills for future instrumental instruction.

Fun-filled Learning: Every class is carefully crafted to be fun and interactive, ensuring your child has a joyous experience while exploring the world of music.

Measured Developmental Milestones: Receive valuable feedback on your child's strengths and individual growth by age, supporting their overall cognitive development.

Age-Appropriate Classes: Smart Start classes are thoughtfully divided into different age groups, providing fresh and relevant content that caters to your child's specific developmental stage.

This is an incredible opportunity to foster your child's love for music while enhancing their cognitive abilities from an early age. Don't miss out on this transformative musical journey for your little ones. Enroll in Smart Start today! Read more about the program here.

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