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Spring into Music & Drama: Exciting Classes Launching in April!

Are your little ones and teenagers ready to embark on a journey of creativity, expression, and learning? Look no further! We're thrilled to announce our upcoming classes starting in April.

Calling all young aspiring actors! Learn how bring characters to life on stage. Our Saturday theatre class is the perfect platform for young actors 11 to 14 and 15 to 18 to explore their talents and enhance their acting skills. Led by experienced instructor, Chantal Ethier, students will delve into various aspects of acting, including improvisation, character development, stage presence, and more. Join us starting April 6th and let your creativity shine!

Does your child have a passion for singing and harmonizing with others? Our new children's choir led by choir and orchestra director Kelsey Zachary is the place to be! Designed for youngsters aged 9 to 13, this choir offers a fantastic opportunity to hone vocal abilities, learn diverse musical styles, and develop teamwork skills in a supportive and fun environment. Join us every Tuesday afternoon starting April 16th!

Nurture your child's love for music from an early age with our Early Childhood Music Education classes! These engaging sessions are specifically crafted to introduce young children to the joy of music through interactive activities, rhythmic exercises, singing, and playing simple instruments. Led by certified music educator Marlene Bartsch, our classes promote cognitive development, social interaction, and a lifelong appreciation for music. The next term of classes starts mid-April!

Enroll Today!

Spaces are limited, so register today! Let's make this spring a season of inspiration and growth through the power of the arts!

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