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Who We Are and What We Teach

From piano to guitar, voice to composition, and drumming to speech arts, Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts has something to offer everyone.

PAMDA students of all ages and levels can sign up for private lessons with a formally trained, top-rated instructor. 

Composition and Theory

Composition is the process of writing a new piece of music. Students make up the melody, the chords, the form (the "plot" of the music—how it unfolds in time) and everything else. Every student's inspiration is different—some start with a melody, some with a chord progression, some with just an emotion or idea they want to express. Students and Nick will work together to come up with steps to turn it into a complete piece of music.

Music theory is the technical side of composition. Notes themselves don’t have inherent emotion, but music theory shows us how they are put together to make extremely moving pieces of music. This helps advanced students understand the language of the music they’re performing—and, as with any other language, when they understand what they’re saying, they can say (play) it with more conviction and individuality.



Playing the drums is not only a great way to relieve stress and tension, it also helps improve coordination and physical fitness. Using all four limbs helps develop hand-eye coordination, as well as coordination between the hands and feet, and improves cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. It also inspires creativity, as you learn to express yourself through rhythm and sound.


Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Playing the guitar has been shown to help manage stress, enhance memory, and improve communication and motor skills. Students can choose from instructors specializing in classical to contemporary music.


Guitar, Fiddle, and Songwriting

zac snab guitar_edited_edited.jpg

Guitar, Piano, Voice, Composition


Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele


Guitar and Voice

Maiya Robbie


Guitar, Bass, and Songwriting

Orchestral Strings

There are many benefits of learning a musical instrument. Students learn discipline, patience, and perseverance; they become accustomed to receiving and using constructive criticism; and, with string (and keyboard) instruments, they develop ambidexterity and coordination through performing different actions with both hands simultaneously.

Orchestral Strings
Jeff Andrew - fiddle (2).jpg

Fiddle, Guitar, Songwriting

4sarahtyler-004 (1)_edited.jpg

Fiddle, Viola, Violin


Playing the piano is not only fun, it’s also a total workout for the brain. Pianists read two lines of music - each in a different clef, play different rhythms with each hand, use all ten fingers as well as their feet, and know where all the notes are without looking at the keyboard.

We have instructors for students who want to learn how to play along while singing their favourite songs and those who want a formal Royal Conservatory education.


Speech Arts

The ability to communicate effectively is a skill we all need to succeed in whatever field we choose. Speech Arts lessons include work on poetry, prose, drama, mime, storytelling and public speaking. Voice, movement and acting skills are taught with a combination of exercises, games, and creative drama activities. Students are encouraged to present their work as often as possible in recitals, festivals and examinations.   



Singing is not just an enjoyable creative expression. With proper singing technique, you can improve your posture, your brain health, your communication skills, and even your sleep. 

Our vocal instructors have the training and experience to support students wanting to pursue vocal performance. They are also delighted to work with individuals wanting to experience the physical and psychological benefits of vocal training.



This is another class of instrument that will strengthen your respiratory system. And there’s a lot more to it than that. Coordinating finger movement, tongue, and eyes all help develop motor skills, while learning to control the breath helps you to be calm and confident under pressure.


These instruments can also be a great vehicle for strengthening your musicianship.

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