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Welcome Spring with Your New Song

Updated: Feb 14

Registration is now open for our two upcoming songwriting courses: Songwriting Bootcamp for Adults with Selina Martin and Don Kerr and Youth Songwriting Spring Camp with Corwin Fox, Tereza Tomek, and Kia Kadiri.

SONGWRITING BOOTCAMP FOR ADULTS is an immersive musical journey for songwriters of all levels, designed to break old patterns and ignite your creative spark. Challenge yourself to write a song a day and boost your confidence as you establish the structure needed to achieve musical freedom.

Led by Canadian musicians Selina Martin and Don Kerr, over three days of workshops, exercises, and coaching, you’ll gain insights into what makes your favourite songs truly great and learn how to wield these tools in your own compositions, overcoming self-imposed barriers along the way. This bootcamp isn't just about creating music; it's about understanding and processing your deepest feelings through the art of songwriting. More information about the Songwriting Bootcamp for Adults here.

Our third annual YOUTH SONGWRITING SPRING CAMP for musicians 10-17 years old focuses on songwriting and performance, and is aimed at facilitating self-expression through music, song, and spoken word poetry. Combining elements of musical theory, improvisation techniques, lyric writing, collaboration with peers, and working one-on-one with the instructors, students get an incredibly dynamic experience. 


Joining past leaders Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek this year is Kia Kadiri, a high energy hip hop artist and teacher. Kia will explain the history of hip hop and talk about it in the context of music theory and songwriting. If you want to rap, Kia can help. She’ll also bring a lot of instrumental beats for anyone who wants to write to those or to choreograph movements. More information about the Youth Songwriting Camp here.

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